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Direct Peptides Czech Republic is one of the leading international suppliers of medical research peptides. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing an extensive range of products to be used in medical research by responsible individuals.

We strive to offer our customers top-notch products at competitive prices made available through this online store in bulk or small orders with convenient shipping options. In addition, our knowledgeable and ready to help customer services team is always prepared to provide the necessary assistance to ensure a pleasant online shopping experience.

Direct Peptides Czech Republic focuses on providing high-quality products to treat and prevent medical conditions and are made available exclusively for research purposes. Feel free to contact the Direct Peptides team if you have any further queries or suggestions.

All products listed on this website (https://czech-republic.direct-peptides.com) and provided through Direct Peptides are intended for medical research purposes only. Direct Peptides does not encourage or promote any of these products in a personal capacity (i.e. human consumption), nor are the products intended to be used as a drug, stimulant or for use in any food products.

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Peptides are strings of amino acids also referred to as “building blocks” of proteins, they are short strings commonly made up of between two and fifty amino acids. Peptide chains are connected to one another by bonds called peptides bonds.

A peptide bond is a covalent bond that is created between 2 amino acids when carboxyl or C-terminus of one amino acid, responds with amino or N-terminus of one more amino acid in a condensation response (a particle of water launched throughout the response).

The resulting bond is a CO-NH bond and develops a peptide, or amide particle. Peptide bonds are amide bonds.

Peptide is the Greek Word for Digest (πέσσειν).

Something that many people do not realise is that peptides are naturally occurring in our bodies, each peptide has a different role within the body and include the following: anti-aging, muscle growth, weight loss and improving the skin barrier. Peptides are also found in some of the foods that we eat every day including fish, meat, oats, wheat and soy.

Man-made peptides could mimic some of those naturally found in the body, and new peptides are being found and synthesized regularly. Peptides are a crucial part of nature as well as biochemistry and biology.

The continuous exploration and synthetization of new peptides holds fantastic possibilities for the future of health, wellness and pharmaceutical advancement.

Cutting-edge peptide synthesis procedures can develop a basically boundless variety of peptides. Utilizing peptide synthesis methods like liquid or solid-phase peptide synthesis.

While liquid phase peptide synthesis has some benefits, solid-phase peptide synthesis is the most common peptide synthesis procedure utilized today.

Peptides are typically identified according for amino acids within them.
  • Dipeptide is the shortest peptide, made up of 2 amino acids.
  • Tripeptide is a peptide with 3 amino acids.
  • Oligopeptides are much shorter peptides comprised of handful of amino acids, typically less than 10.
  • Polypeptides, are made up of greater than 10 amino acids.
Those made up of greater than 40-50 amino acids are described as proteins.
While the variety of amino acids held is a major factor when it comes to finding the difference between healthy proteins and also peptides, exemptions are often made.
For example, some longer chained peptides have been considered proteins (like amyloid beta). Also some smaller protein chains are referred to as peptides in some cases (such as insulin).

At Direct Peptides Czech Republic, we like to supply our customers with the best quality, highest purity, research peptides on the market! Below is an overview of the top research peptides on the market today.

Any further questions please contact our customer service team who are more than willing to help!

The products mentioned in this posts are intended for research and medical purposes only. To be only used by trained professionals.

BPC 157 encourages muscle mass as well as ligament recovery by causing the development of new blood vessels. BPC 157 research has suggested could support wound and tissue recuperation by obstructing the growth-inhibiting of a certain compound called 4‐hydroxynonenal. It helps ligaments recover, which makes it possible for the ligament cells to move as well as expand throughout injury repair, quickening the process. BPC-157 research suggests has been shown to decrease swelling, which is associated with its results on injuries, abscess, as well as cells security

CJC 1295 is an artificial growth hormonal agent (GHRH). It blends 30 amino acids in the analogue mix. Individuals produce high levels of growth of hormonal agents. It is typically utilized in mix with IGF1 (insulin growth factor) or various other GH peptide blends. CJC 1295 boosts growth hormonal agents, without raising degrees of prolactin as well as it aids enhance cellular fixing. It additionally assists promote weight management as well as can assist boost the metabolic process, to name a few advantages.

2 types of CJC 1295 exist. The initial is GHRH which is a growth hormonal agent launching supplement which is released by the hypothalamus (CJC NO- DAC). The 2nd type is a modified variation including DAC, a medication fondness complicated (CJC DAC)

Epitalon (Epithalamin) is a peptide for its anti-ageing influences. Epitalon can play a vital obligation in reducing the ageing process, so extending human lengthy life. It is an effective anti-oxidant, equivalent to melatonin, also, to could supply lengthy life benefits. Epitalon is a man-made peptide built from 4 amino acids (glycine, glutamic acid, alanine as well as aspartic acid). This is based upon a natural peptide called epithalamion extracted from the pineal human gland. Epitalon has validated to elevate the production of telomerase. This consequently boosts as well as additionally expands telomeres.

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. HCG is a chain of amino acids made in both women and men. The hormones created in large sums during ladies’ pregnancy and men produce it in vast amounts during puberty. HCG restores the average capacity of sex hormones (FSH and LH), which permits the fertility ability in grown-ups. The use of HCG keeps up normal testosterone levels. Research has suggested, it limits overabundance on estradiol generation. Which keeps up the typical size of testicles. HCG could cause sperm generation, re-establishes the ordinary capacity of the testes. And re-establishes the pituitary/hypothalamus pivot.
HGH Fragment 176-191 is also known as Growth Hormone Peptide frag 176-191. HGH Fragment 176-191 has been shown to contribute to lipolysis a process which aids in the breakdown and elimination of fat from the body. It is a form of modified amino acids containing 16 growth hormones starting from numbers 176-191. It mimics the way natural Growth hormone molecules works by regulating fat metabolism. with the exception that research suggests it does not cause any adverse effects on growth or blood sugar levels.
HGH 191AA Somatropin Growth Hormone is put to use to treat growth deficiency in grownups as well as young people, who are short of all-natural growth hormonal agent. Research study researches have found Somatropin is also utilised in grownups to deal with serious weight-loss conditions regarding aids. As well as some studies suggest it is made use of to deal with short bowel disorder. (Somatropin might even be taken for purposes not provided in this article).
Melanotan 2 also known as melanin or tanning injections, research has found Melanotan 2 stimulates the body’s melanocortin receptors. Melanotan 2 (MT-2) is a peptide which has been synthetically manufactured to act in the same way as the body’s own natural hormone. As a result of its consumption, the body’s melanocytes are stimulated to produce melanin which enables people to tan. Melanotan 2 is a synthetic melanocortin which mimics this natural process of tanning. It acts as a hormonal catalyst encouraging the body’s skin cells to produce more melanin. In this way, the skin is protected. Tanning can take place much more quickly with MT2, without spending hours in the sun.

PT-141 was established from the peptide hormonal agent Melanotan II which shared screening as a tanning representative.PT-141 is being researched as a possible therapy for sex-related conditions such as erectile dysfunction in males and also sex-related arousal conditions in ladies. Conditions such as FSIAD – Female sexual interest/arousal disorder and HSDD – Hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

Bremelanotide (PT-141) is a peptide that’s developed by Palatin Technologies used mainly as a treatment for male ED (erectile dysfunction), FSD (female sexual dysfunction), reperfusion injury and hemorrhagic shock.

TB500 (a synthetic version of Tβ4 Thymosin Beta4) has 43 amino acids, and it regulates actin polymerization. The protein is used in improving the healing of acute injuries with a slow rate in the process of recuperation. This peptide also has anti-inflammatory agents. The cell-building protein plays important roles in the maintenance of cell shape and cell junctions, vesicle movement, cell division and cytokinesis as well as muscle contraction.


DISCLAIMER: All products listed on this website and provided through Direct Peptides are intended for laboratory research and development purposes only. The products listed on this website are not for human or animal consumption or ingestion of any kind. The information, statements and products featured on this website are for research and educational purposes only and are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any condition.